Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fixing MP4 when you can hear but not see a Embedded Online Video

A while ago I got a problem when trying to watch videos on my favourite Doctor Who Site Doctor Who Media. Videos would play but i couldn’t see them only hear them which wasn’t good as i looked into it everyone who had this issue had Google Chrome browser. But i found a fix that was quick and simple
In chrome you have something called Hardware Accelerated Video because there wasn’t an update in chrome to fix it yet i disabled this and it fixed my problem so it might fix yours.
To start open chrome and in the address bar type the following
Once this page has loaded you need to scroll down the page and find Disable Hardware Accelerated Video Decode by default its disabled.
Click enable to disable the Hardware-accelerated video decode. and restart your browser.
Try the video player and see if it fixed your problem.
Disclaimer – May not work for all Issues.

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